IoT Training offer

Improve your skills and knowledge about IoT enabling technologies and infrastructures to design and develop IoT connected solutions

Target Audience

For Industries and SMEs willing to fill the gap of knowledge and skills needed to develop and deliver IoT connected solutions.

Key skills

Research by freelancing website Upwork found a 67% increase in demand for workers with tech skills related to IoT.

Tailor made

We offer also tailor made courses according to goals of your company. Contact us to personalize your training needs.

Are you a developer?

Would you like to improve your development skills to build IoT connected solutions?

IoT Embedded Solutions Development - DEV01

With this course you will acquire theoretical and hands-on experience about prototyping and developing IoT embedded solutions with main commercial and open source hardware (platforms and sensors) and related software. This course will also cover fast prototyping and lean methodologies to ensure consistency between solution design and business expectations.

IoT Communications and Networking - DEV02

With this course you will get a clear understanding of the crowded and fragmented world of IoT protocols and standards supporting different IoT capabilities (discovery, data management, communication at device and application levels) and related reference models. Laboratory activities will focus on handling connectivity (bluetooth/BLE, LoRa, ZigBee) and management of IoT devices using different protocols and software to program interaction of an IoT device with a gateway or the cloud.

Are you a CTO or IT Manager?

Would you like to specialize your knowledge to play as the “Chief IoT officer” of your company?

Solution Design for Connected Products - CTO01

This course will offer the opportunity to get insights on IoT architectures and enabling technologies, embedded solutions development, communication and networking solutions, IoT standards and platforms. It will also cover main business and go-to-market challenges focusing on most relevant IoT application domains.

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